Starting point​

The authorisation for the public opening of the first bungee jumping trampoline in the world was obtained after two years of studies, tests, homologations, agreements and verifications.


The Bun J Ride opened on the 17 of February 2009 at St Jean de Sixt. Through a mix of technical progress and creativity we were able to offer the world a new pastime, one that guarantees original thrills, that anyone can experience and that is available in both summer and winter time.


The thrill seekers' interest in this pastime has grown to the point where we will be opening a new trampoline in Tignes, in the winter of 2014. This time, we will be creating the world's first bunjee jump ramp dedicated exclusively to ski jumping, directly onto the slopes!

Bun J what ?

The name Bun J Ride comes from the English pronunciation “bungee” or “bungy”, to which we added the “ride” to represent movement and freedom. The “J” in the middle stands for the name of its inventor, Jeff.


The Bun J Ride combines the techniques of ramp jumping, bungee jumping and zip line riding. The jumper is equipped with a harness at the waist, to which two mobile bungee cords are attached, one on each side. Starting at the top of the ramp, on the take-off accessory of his choosing, the jumper makes an approach run of about 30 meters, then jumps into the void from a height of 40 meters. The jump takes place while being secured by the two bungee cords that follow the jumper's trajectory. The system locks and once the jumper is stable, we bring him/her back to the ground by zip line.

We have given our bunjee cords some special features that surpass anything done in this field before:

  • our bunjee cords slide on steel cables, thus allowing unprecedented mobility
  • straps that can withstand a charge of 2 tons are integrated into each one of our bunjee cables, rendering them totally damage proof.
  • there are two such cords, so you can be twice as sure that you are safe and enjoy yourself twice as much.

We are the only ones, in the entire world, to have built and to operate a giant ramp that is especially designed for bunjee jumping... off a ramp. Our ramps are made of wood, taking into account both the carbon footprint and the exceptional natural surroundings in which we are lucky to be working. A trampoline is approximately 30 meters long and weighs 27 tons. Exceptional means for exceptional thrills!


Jean-François Michelin

Jean-François Michelin is a resident of Haute Savoie, who started out by working in a ski resort. Later on, he accompanied the inventor of bunjee jumping, AJ Hackett to Normandy, to Bali and to New Zeeland, and has done over 70 000 jumps. In 2008, he got the revolutionary idea for bunjee jumping off a ramp and he went on to create the Bun J Ride in 2009.