Formule eXtreme 1P.

Snow Sled

You are a child at heart but you crave adult challenges... The winter sled bunjee jump will remind you of your childhood while you pick up speed; then, during the actual jump, you will see just how much you've grown! The winter sled is the most accessible means of enjoying the Bun J Ride experience in winter time.

Age : 14 years old mini
Weight : min. 40 kg, max. 120 kg

75 €

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Tignes - Our site in Tignes will be opening in December 2014. The trampoline will be placed directly onto the slopes, close to the heart of the resort, just under the top of the gondola in Merles.

The jumper is equipped with a security harness at the waist, which is attached to two mobile bunjee cords that follow his trajectory during the jump. Once the equipment is on, the jumper sits on a sled and places himself at the top of the ramp. At the signal, he takes off, and then jumps from a height of 40 meters. After 4 to 5 bounces, we unlock the system so that we can bring the jumper down to solid ground by zip line. The sled is provided for you and is attached to your harness with a strap, to make sure it doesn't fall if you let go of it.


There are limited aerobatics to be done with a winter sled. You will be making a straight exit and maybe you can try a rotation after the first bounce.


The sled is the easiest way to make a Bun J Ride on the snow. All you have to do is sit on it and let yourself be guided, since the trajectory is assisted while you pick up speed. You are even allowed to close your eyes, though it would be a shame to miss this!