Formule Tandem eXtreme 2P.

Tandem feet

The great thrill for two. Following the purest “classic” bunjee jump tradition, the Bun J Ride tandem jump off your feet, as an added bonus, will spare you the discomfort of keeping your head upside down. The start is off your feet from the edge of the ramp. A word of advice: take a good look down before you jump to get that vertigo feeling.

Age : 12 years old mini, with an adult
weight (2P.) : min. 80 kg, max. 180 kg

125 €

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Saint Jean de Sixt - Saint Jean de Sixt – At the heart of the jewel of the Alps, in the Aravis massif, St Jean de Sixt is a small Savoyard village between La Clusaz and the Grand Bornand, close to Annecy. The trampoline hangs off a cliff that was dug by a torrent, it is 30 meters long and its exit point stands at a height of 40 meters.

The jumpers are equipped with a waist harness that is attached to two bungee cords which will accompany them throughout the jump. You step onto the departure zone and securely descend to the edge of the ramp. There, you get into the start position, facing one another, then you topple over into 40 meters of void. After 4 to 5 bounces, we unlock the system and get you down to solid ground on a zip line. Climbing back up is done via a hiking trail.


You can try a rotation after the first bounce, but we advise you to check with your partner before doing so.


There is no minimum skill requirement for doing the tandem bungee jump off your feet.