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Mandatory ?

This is not compulsory (except for groups), but we recommend that you book at least 1 week in advance.

Date & Time

The available dates show up when you book a jump. Please don't forget to indicate the hour of your choice!


Changes to your booking can be made free of charge if we are informed of them in due time, or in case of severe weather conditions.


Jumps are possible when moderate precipitations occur. Cancellation will occur only when we experience heavy wind, storms or lack of visibility.


We film each jump and offer them for sale exclusively on site in digital format, on a USB key, for the price of 20 €.

Gift Voucher

available in our 2 venues St jean de Sixt and Tignes
valid for 1 year
immediately available online or, optionally, sent by post
gift vouchers are refundable within 30 days of ordering
include all jumps of the chosen formula

About us


Jean-François Michelin is a resident of Haute Savoie, who started out by working in a ski resort. Later on, he accompanied the inventor of bunjee jumping, AJ Hackett to Normandy, to Bali and to New Zeeland. In 2008, he got the revolutionary idea for bunjee jumping off a ramp and he went on to create the Bun J Ride in 2009. He has done over 100 000 jumps.

How it works

The Bun J Ride combines the techniques of ramp jumping, bungee jumping and zip line riding. The jumper is equipped with a harness at the waist, to which two mobile bungee cords are attached, one on each side. Starting at the top of the ramp, on the take-off accessory of his choosing, the jumper makes an approach run of about 30 meters, then jumps into the void from a height of 40 meters. The jump takes place while being secured by the two bungee cords that follow the jumper's trajectory. The system locks and once the jumper is stable, we bring him/her back to the ground by zip line.
We have given our bunjee cords some special features that surpass anything done in this field before:
  • our bunjee cords slide on steel cables, thus allowing unprecedented mobility
  • straps that can withstand a charge of 2 tons are integrated into each one of our bunjee cables, rendering them totally damage proof.


We are the only ones, in the entire world, to have built and to operate a giant ramp that is especially designed for bunjee jumping... off a ramp. Our ramps are made of wood, taking into account both the carbon footprint and the exceptional natural surroundings in which we are lucky to be working. A trampoline is approximately 30 meters long and weighs 27 tons. Exceptional means for exceptional thrills!

Bun J What ?

The name Bun J Ride comes from the English pronunciation “bungee” or “bungy”, to which we added the “ride” to represent movement and freedom. The “J” in the middle stands for the name of its inventor, Jeff.
Secure online payment. All online payments are secured by Cyberplus Paiement – the Banque Populaire group.
Holiday vouchers. We accept holiday vouchers for the payment of both jumps and photos.
Cash. Cash payment is only available on site. It is forbidden to send cash by post.
Groups that purchase at least 5 jumps benefit from special availability dates and special prices.

Availability dates

We can open the site for you on any day of the week, in addition to our usual opening days, provided that you let us know 15 days in advance.


Booking for groups must be done 15 days in advance. To make a group reservation request, you can call us at +33 (0)457 416 841 or you can use our contact form.


  • 5 to 10 jumps: 5 € discount for each jump
  • over 10 jumps: contact us


Once we agree on the details, we will require a 100 € deposit in order to validate your group reservation.
Reservations are mandatory for groups of over 5 people. Reservations are not mandatory for individual jumps, but we strongly recommend that you book with us at least 7 days in advance.
When making a reservation, you can indicate the hour of your choice. You will then receive an e-mail confirmation for your reservation, specifying the exact time of your jump. If that particular time for the jump is not convenient for you, you can either call us at +33 (0)661 465 018, or you can contact us by e-mail, and together we can find a more suitable hour. You can always have the entire price of your reservation refunded within 7 days of receiving your e-mail confirmation.
Call us as soon as possible so we may agree on a different date. Not showing up at the time of the jump, without having informed us in advance, means the reservation will be permanently cancelled. You can get a refund for your reservation if you let us know 7 days in advance or in case of force majeure (injury, sickness etc...).
The Bun J Ride LLC will refund reservations and gift certificates bought directly from from Bun J Ride within 7 days of the receipt of the booking confirmation. After 7 days, no refunds are possible, except for instances of force majeure.
  • with regard to gift vouchers offered by gift box providers, no refunds are possible and should you cancel, the gift voucher will become void.
  • you may change the date and time of your jump free of charge 7 days before the date of your reservation
  • participants that did not show up the day and the time of their reservation will not be able to reschedule for another time and the ticket will become void.
Check your inbox, as well as the Spam folders (junk mail). You will receive the booking conformation within at most 2 working days after the registration of your order. You can print your booking confirmation from you Bun J Ride's account. Don't forget to print the booking confirmation; it will be required of you the day of the jump.
We guarantee a superior safety level compared to the classic bunjee jump. We ourselves are more diligent than the applicable regulations require us to be. The safety of our clients is our absolute priority.

Homologations and insurance

Just like any other company that offers bunjee jumps, we follow the Afnor nf52s 501 & 502 norms. Our facilities have received the homologation of the Alpes Contrôles, a company which is in charge of checking the cableways in winter sports resorts.

Two bunjee cords instead of one

Unlike in classic bungee jumping, the jumper is equipped with a harness to which two cords are attached, instead of one.
  • twice the security
  • twice as mild during the bounce
and no need to have your head upside down during the jump.

All our bunjee cords have built-in extra safety straps

A Bun J Ride exclusive: we fit all our bunjee cords with extra security straps that can withstand a weight of 2 tons.
The age and weight requirements are indicated for each type of jump.
  • no medical problem
  • mandatory parental permission for minor childs
  • Solo weight : between 40 and 120 kg
  • Tandem weight : between 80 and 180kg (2p)
  • >60 ans, medical certificate compulsory
Your tickets are sent right after payment at the e-mail address specified in your order. If there is no such e-mail in your inbox, please check the “spam/junk mail” folder. You can also print your tickets from your account, on the upper right side of your screen.
We send gift vouchers by post within 2 working days at most once payment is received.
This will only be used to contact you if we need to cancel due to very bad weather.
No, the climatic hazard does not allow us to guarantee in advance sufficient image quality to be marketed. Photos/videos are therefore only offered on site
for any other information, contact us