Formule Combo Mystère 1P

Mystery combo

Are you looking for an original idea for a bachelor or bachelorette party? Here is something that will make the last moments of the single life totally unforgettable. There is a first jump, which we have discreetly called the “electrical chair” and which starts out blindfold, and a second one, from the eXtreme range, giving you the chance to get your act back together.

Age : 18 years old mini, soon wedding
Weight : min. 40 kg, max. 120 kg

125 €

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Saint Jean de Sixt - Saint Jean de Sixt – At the heart of the jewel of the Alps, in the Aravis massif, St Jean de Sixt is a small Savoyard village between La Clusaz and the Grand Bornand, close to Annecy. The trampoline hangs off a cliff that was dug by a torrent, it is 30 meters long and its exit point stands at a height of 40 meters.

We will ask you to bring the groom/bride to the site (blindfold), and to be on time. This is because if you are late, the wait might spoil the surprise. We will take care of the jumper once you get him/her to the site. The first jump, the electric chair, consists of getting the groom/bride blindfolded to the end of the ramp, after having equipped him/her. We will tie him/her to a chair that we will be viciously pushing into the void just after taking off the blindfold. The unforgettable thrills are guaranteed. Once we climb back up, he/she will get the chance to relive the Bun J Ride experience, this time with eyes wide open, and to pick his/her preferred jump accessory.


For the first jump, the electric chair, we will take care of pushing the jumper into the void. This means that he/she won't be able to do any aerobatics. For the second jump, the one from the eXtreme range, any possible aerobatics will depend on the chosen jump accessory.


The jumper needs to be over 18 years old and soon to be married. These are the only two requirements. There is no minimum skill level.