Formule Tandem eXtreme 2P.

Double sled

The great team jump! The double sled offers maximum thrills, thanks to the weight that allows for optimum speed and even bigger bounces. Hold on tight to one another and try not to scream in the other person's ear! 

Age : 12 years old mini, with an adult
weight (2P.) : min. 80 kg, max. 180 kg

125 €

Know more

Saint Jean de Sixt - Saint Jean de Sixt – At the heart of the jewel of the Alps, in the Aravis massif, St Jean de Sixt is a small Savoyard village between La Clusaz and the Grand Bornand, close to Annecy. The trampoline hangs off a cliff that was dug by a torrent, it is 30 meters long and its exit point stands at a height of 40 meters.

Each jumper is equipped with a waist harness, which is attached to two mobile bunjee cords that follow you throughout the jump. The two jumpers enter the starting area and sit onto a sled, at the top of the ramp. At the signal, you take off without having to worry about the trajectory that is automatically kept by the tension in the bunjee cords from each side. After the big jump and 4 to 5 bounces, you are taken down to ground by zip line. The sled is tied to your harness so that it won't fall during the jump.


Though there are little aerobatics to be done, the scale of the bounces will give you full satisfaction.


There are no minimum skill requirements for this jump.