Formule eXtreme 1P.


You wanna live bungee jumping skiing as pro-rider ? Take speed on our giant ramp, with a snow kick build to the extrimity, and make the show with an incredible aerobatics. The Bun J Ride's ski jump is pattented and unique to the world.

Age : 14 years old mini
Weight : min. 40 kg, max. 120 kg

75 €

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Tignes - Our site in Tignes will be opening in December 2014. The trampoline will be placed directly onto the slopes, close to the heart of the resort, just under the top of the gondola in Merles.

You are equipped with a harness at the waist, which is tied to two mobile bungee cords that will accompany you throughout the jump. You pick up speed on a 30-meter-long ramp and you make a jump into the void from a height of 40 meters. After 4 to 5 ounces, we unlock the system and bring you back to the ground on a zip line. Please note that we provide you with skis, but you have to bring your own ski boots.


Let your imagination run wild and push your courage to the max. To make everything even more spectacular, we heighten the end of the ramp with a snow “kick”.


The ski jump doesn't require a particular level of skill and can be done by anyone who can stand on skis going straight down along the ramp, for about 30 meters. The ski run down is always groomed to give you the best sliding sensations before you take off.