Formule eXtreme 1P.

Summer sled

The summer sled has four wheels. This is one of the most accessible jumps, but this doesn't make it any less impressive. You dive, while seated just above the ground, towards the void that you only see at the last moment, and then you make a monumental jump from a height of 40 meters, secured by two bunjee cords.

Age : 14 years old mini
Weight : min. 40 kg, max. 120 kg

75 €

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Saint Jean de Sixt - Saint Jean de Sixt – At the heart of the jewel of the Alps, in the Aravis massif, St Jean de Sixt is a small Savoyard village between La Clusaz and the Grand Bornand, close to Annecy. The trampoline hangs off a cliff that was dug by a torrent, it is 30 meters long and its exit point stands at a height of 40 meters.

You are equipped with a harness at the waist, which is attached to two bungee cords that will follow you throughout the jump. You gain speed by rolling along a 30 meter ramp and then jump into the void from a height of 40 meters. After 4 to 5 bounces, we unlock the system and we descended you by zip line down to the ground. The sled is tied to your harness by a strap. The trajectory is automatically maintained while you build up speed thanks to a slight tension in the bunjees on each side of the ramp.


Although they are more difficult to achieve while on the sled, aerobatics are still possible after the first bounce.


There are no minimum skill requirements. The sled is the simplest accessory for living the Bun J Ride experience.