Formule eXtreme 1P.


The static take-off of a standing bungee jump seems too monotonous for you? Are you always looking for more? No problem. Here is the trampoline take-off bungee jump, placed at the end of the ramp. You can gain (even) more height, which will allow for spectacular aerobatics during your big jump.

Age : 14 years old mini
Weight : min. 40 kg, max. 120 kg

75 €

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Saint Jean de Sixt - Saint Jean de Sixt – At the heart of the jewel of the Alps, in the Aravis massif, St Jean de Sixt is a small Savoyard village between La Clusaz and the Grand Bornand, close to Annecy. The trampoline hangs off a cliff that was dug by a torrent, it is 30 meters long and its exit point stands at a height of 40 meters.

You are equipped with a harness at the waist, which is attached to two mobile bungee cords that will follow you throughout the jump. We will securely accompany you to the edge of the ramp, where you will be in direct contact with the void. We will set up the trampoline. You will bounce as high as possible on the trampoline before the jump. After 4 to 5 bounces, we unlock the system and get you down to solid ground on a zip line. You will be using the trampoline that we are required to provide.


The trampoline is there to facilitate all the aerobatics with both back and forward rotations.


You don't need to be a gymnast, but having already bounced on a trampoline is a plus.